Terrace Accessories: 4 Essential Items

As summer approaches, patio owners are starting to leaf through magazines to find terrace accessories. Since the month of June is the month of vacations, many take this time to arrange their outdoor space. This is the ideal time to beautify, furnish, or decorate your patio before you start enjoying the summer. This is even …

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Choosing a custom awning: the right manufacturer

Choosing custom awning

Know that it’s never too early to choose a custom awning and start planning your patio. Even if spring doesn’t show up for a few months, it pays to start your awning shopping earlier. Especially if you are considering purchasing a fixed patio awning or custom retractable. Custom awnings manufacturers need a few weeks to …

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Patio Heater: Our Buyer’s Guide to Make a Smart Decision

Do you want to get a patio heater to extend the summer season? Once the leaves start changing colours, many people start putting away their outdoor furniture. However, there are many ways to enjoy your patio for a few extra weeks. One of these methods is to buy a patio heater. Let go of the …

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Increasing the Traffic in Your Store: 4 Tips

augmenter achalandage magasin

Whether you are a new merchant or an experienced shopkeeper, increasing the traffic in your store should always be your priority. Opening a store is not a simple task, but ensuring its growth is also complex. When starting a business, there are several aspects to consider. Firstly, your location. A strategic location plays an important …

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Car shelter regulations in Longueuil

You want to install a winter shelter but don’t know the regulations for car shelters in Longueuil? Our experts will share all the important details with you. The winter season is synonymous with winter sports, magical scenery, and unforgettable moments. From a good snowshoeing session on the beaten track to the pleasure of having a …

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Canadian Tire tempo shelter or custom shelter: how to choose

canadian tire tempo

Winter is approaching and you are still hesitating between a tempo shelter from Canadian Tire or a custom-made winter shelter? Don’t worry, our tempo style shelter experts are here to help. When winter arrives, there is already so much to do on the South Shore. As a family, you can take advantage of your beautiful …

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Patio Heater: Big Box Store or Specialist?

Have you ever considered buying a residential patio heater? Although the summer season has just begun, you can already feel the heat rising. In the day, enjoying the sun and its warmth is easy. It’s the perfect time to break out the umbrellas or sit under a patio awning to enjoy the summer and protect …

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Fixed frame awning for your business: 3 tips to know

auvent terrasse pour restaurant

With the rising mercury, companies are looking for fixed awnings to decorate their terrace. For a restaurateur, patio season is one of the ways to stand out from the competition. It is therefore important to be well prepared in order to receive customers on a well-designed terrace. A quality terrace will attract the attention of …

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How to install a Car Shelter?

how to install car shelter

With winter coming fast, it’s essential to learn how to install a car shelter. Quebec’s winters can have pretty rough weather such as snow, icy rain, strong winds, and hail. Shoveling becomes your number one winter sport if you aren’t equipped with the right protection. Fortunately, there are a lot of options when it comes …

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Electric or gas terrace heater?

terrace heater

The month of September arrives and you are thinking of buying a terrace heater to enjoy your terrace longer? Even in the fall, it can be nice to enjoy the terrace, with or without a hoodie. With an outdoor heater, you can extend the hot season. Delay the storage of your patio set and awning …

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