Electric or gas terrace heater?

The month of September arrives and you are thinking of buying a terrace heater to enjoy your terrace longer? Even in the fall, it can be nice to enjoy the terrace, with or without a hoodie. With an outdoor heater, you can extend the hot season. Delay the storage of your patio set and awning to a later time with a terrace heater.

Many models and options are available to you. On the wall, ceiling or floor, infrared, electricity or gas, in short, the choice can become difficult. Whether to heat an open terrace or to install under your terrace awning or retractable, better to choose the right model.

To help you discover which of the electric or gas terrace heaters is ideal for you, our experts have put together this practical guide. Discover the advantages and disadvantages that make all the difference to find the terrace heater most suited to your living space. 

Gas terrace heater

These appliances are also called heating parasol. They are popular in commercial areas and are gaining popularity among homeowners.

Generally, gas heaters are more powerful than electric heating. They will easily heat an area of 20 to 30 meters and can heat entire patios. They are usually equipped with wheels, which allows you to move them. You can also find models that come with built-in tables, which gives you the opportunity to have full furniture and warmth. They are also aesthetic and easily match your living space.

Unfortunately, not everything is rosy for gas heaters. These devices are also:

  • heavy: even with wheels, they can be difficult to move due to their weight;
  • difficult to assemble: even if they do not need any electricity to operate, they are more difficult to assemble;
  • unstable unless placed on a flat, even surface;
  • noisy;
  • can not be used inside the house;

Now discover electric terrace heaters.

terrace heater

Electric outdoor heating

Electric outdoor heating systems generally use an infrared radiant heater system to produce heat. They are easy to install on a wall or ceiling and the angle can be adjusted to allow better heat diffusion.

Electric terrace heaters are well suited for small patios and ideal for warming up under an awning terrace. They require low clearance and can even be recessed. They are also safer than gas heaters, especially if you have young children. As they can be installed on walls and ceilings, unlike the gas system which must be on a flat surface, they remain out of reach of children

In general, they are also less expensive since they plug directly into your outlets and consume your electricity. You don’t need a tank or propane for their operation. Their maintenance is minimal since you have no tank to check.

Furthermore, the electric terrace heater is an eco-responsible solution;  the electricity supplied by Hydro Quebec is clean energy, unlike propane.

These heaters are also quiet and can be used safely both outside and inside. Since there is no flue gas released, these appliances are safer than gas terrace heaters.

The disadvantages of outdoor heating with electricity are minimal. We talk about bulb replacement every 2-3 years depending on your use, and perhaps the service of an electrician if the installation requires it or if you do not have access to a power outlet. They are also slightly less powerful than gas heating and therefore more suitable for small spaces such as patios and awning terraces.

Do you have questions about terrace heaters? Contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you.

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