5 Reasons to Have a Commercial Winter Shelter

26 April 2022

Winter is right around the corner, and the idea of purchasing a commercial winter shelter is quickly becoming very attractive. Whether it’s to protect your entrances, your pedestrian walkways, or even just for a matter of comfort, any reason is a good one to install a commercial winter shelter.

Now let’s discover 5 reasons to invest in a winter shelter for your business.

1. Installing an Infratech patio heater under your commercial winter shelter

Do you own a restaurant with a portico that is too small for queues? Rest assured: you can let your customers stay warm, even in a time of social distancing. Added to an awning for the winter, the Infratech commercial patio heater keeps your customers warm while they wait their turn to enter your establishment.

2. A permanent shaded area

Conversely, on sunny days, your winter shelter offers a permanent shaded area. This helps protect both your customers and your restaurant furniture from the damage caused by UV rays.

3. Protection from the elements

In addition to protection from the sun and offering a warm space under the lamps of a patio heater, the commercial winter shelter protects your customers and employees from the elements. 

Quebec winters are fickle with their mixture of rain, wind, snowfall, and sometimes even ice. Having a winter shelter is a great way to defend yourself against the elements.

Some custom awning manufacturers also offer many customization options, such as adding:

  • doors;
  • windows;
  • banners;
  • lettering.

4. Increased visibility thanks to a commercial winter shelter

If you want to purchase a commercial awning, we strongly recommend opting for a custom model. Why? Because many custom shelter manufacturers also offer the possibility of adding lettering to your awning. 

Your customers, as well as new potential customers, will therefore be able to recognize your establishment quickly when you use a commercial awning decorated with your logo or name. In addition, by doing business with a specialized company, you ensure that your winter shelter perfectly matches your decor.

Specialists usually offer a wide variety of fabrics and patterns. At Auvents Polo, we offer more than 500 fabrics and patterns! This lets you stand out from your competitors, in addition to all the other advantages mentioned earlier.

5. To protect vehicles or pedestrian walkways

Different commercial winter shelters for different needs! There are many types of winter shelters, such as shelters for vehicles, entrance doors, smokers, and more. It is therefore possible to combine different shelters to obtain optimal protection from the vagaries of the winter climate.

You can also protect high-traffic areas from snow falling off the roof thanks to a winter shelter. Whether you want to protect your employees, your customers, or vehicles, a commercial winter awning is the ideal solution.

If you have any questions about installing a commercial winter shelter, contact us. Our custom awning manufacturing specialists are ready to carry out all your commercial shelter projects.

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