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Where style meets protection

To combine style and protection, retractable awnings and shelters are an excellent solution. Awnings are recommended to protect you from UV rays while reducing your air conditioning costs.

Auvents Polo is a company specializing in custom patio awnings and retractable awnings since 1974. All our retractable patio awnings are also designed and manufactured in our factory.

Since we offer a large selection of retractable awnings, you are guaranteed to receive the awning that suits your home at a good price.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Auvents Polo today. A member of our team will be pleased to take the call. If you are in Laval or Valleyfield, our experts will be happy to come to you.

Retractable awnings

A retractable awning is an awning with a heavy-duty or extruded aluminum structure that is assembled, and which hangs from the wall of a house. The structure is then covered with an acrylic fabric that protects against UV rays and discoloration. This resistant fabric is also waterproofed, which protects it from rot and mould. The awning will also protect you from rain in the event of light showers.

Since it is attached to the wall of your house, this is an excellent solution for adding a living area to it and enjoying your outdoor space to the fullest. The main difference between the retractable awning and the fixed awning is that it has arms that allow it to retract the awning in on itself. So, if you want to enjoy the sun, you can. It’s entirely up to you whether to have shade or sun.

Our awnings can also be personalized (colours, size, patterns…). We offer more than 300 different colours and patterns of acrylic fabrics. For the structure, we offer about twenty different colours. It is therefore possible for you to customize your outdoor living space according to your tastes and needs.

Another advantage of the retractable awning is that you can choose from motorized or manual models. Manual awnings are equipped with a hand crank and come in multiple crank colours and lengths.

As for motorized awnings, they can be activated with a remote control or a wall switch, according to your preferences.

There are several worthwhile reasons to own a manual or motorized retractable awning:

  • Protection: To protect yourself from the sun and weather conditions such as wind and snow;
  • Take advantage of your outdoor space: To extend the summer and enjoy your patio;
  • Easy to maintain thanks to the good quality material;
  • Strength;
  • An impressive lifespan;
  • Possibility to choose a freestanding awning and move it around instead of attaching it to the house;
  • Possibility to have a variable slope on some models, which allows adapting the shade according to the sun;
  • To have more privacy and hide from prying eyes;
  • A terrace in color: the terrace in burgundy color gives cachet to your patio. We also offer a wide range of colors and styles for a retractable awning design that will perfectly match your outdoor design.

Our fabrics and canvas are made of acrylic, which allows cutting the UV rays and the sun. We offer them in over 300 different colors and patterns. Our scallops allow you to customize and make your manual or motorized retractable awning unique. We offer over 100 different options with single, double or swinging festoons.

You can also have a wind and rain sensor installed. This allows the awning to retract automatically in case of strong wind or rain. It is also possible to have several settings on it.

No, the retractable awning is not winter resistant. This type of awning is three seasons only. However, it is not necessary to completely remove the awning before winter. It is possible to simply close the patio awning.

You can also protect it by purchasing covers to cover it. This will give it extra protection and keep small rodents like squirrels from making a nest in it. Just remember to never open the patio awning in the winter. By following these tips, you will avoid damage to your awning and be able to keep it as long as possible.


Enjoy the comfort of a retractable awning

auvent pour balcon

More than a question of aesthetics, the awning is the best solution to enjoy your outdoor space in comfort. During the day, it protects you from the sun’s harmful rays, especially during hot summer days. It will protect you from heavy rain too.

In the evening and in the cooler season, equip it with a residential patio heater to maintain your comfort level on your patio. We also offer many accessories to allow you to customize your investment to the fullest. To get an awning of unbeatable quality and unmatched value, trust Polo Awnings.

How to create a beautiful outdoor living space ? 

Un aménagement paysager harmonieux incluant des plantes et un auvent-terrasse fixe d’Auvents Polo

Need help designing and bringing your dream deck to life? Our specialists are happy to share their best outdoor design tips with you. With over 45 years of experience in custom outdoor awnings, we are the manufacturer to contact when designing a deck with an awning.

Feel free to explain your needs to our team. We can design and manufacture a retractable awning that will perfectly match the style of your home and your outdoor furniture.

A retractable awning to make the most of your patio

Planning to install a retractable awning soon? Contact our awning and shelter design, fabrication and installation specialists today.

It takes time to design and manufacture the perfect custom awning. It is therefore essential to get a quote before March, so you can enjoy your product for the entire summer season. The average time for delivery and installation of your awning is approximately 4 to 5 weeks.

Polo Awnings offers a turnkey service. We take care of everything for you, from design to installation. Our designers are on hand to design the perfect awning for your patio and our experienced installers ensure a safe and flawless installation at your home.

Let us install and dismantle your awning seasonally and get the most out of your investment with our professional service.


A full range of after sales services for your residential retractable awning


Polo Awnings want you to have a long-term satisfaction with your awning. That is why we offer several after-sales services for your retractable awning. Among our services, you will find:

If you have any questions about retractable patio awnings, contact us. We will help you design the perfect awning for your outdoor space so you can enjoy the patio season to the fullest.


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