Summer Garden Shelters (gazebo)

Enjoy your yard in total comfort

Freestanding garden shelters are designed to provide you with a shady and sheltered spot in your yard where you can eat, relax or even enjoy your hot tub. To create the exact amount of shade at the right place, we offer several models such as two or four slopes, square, rectangular, pentagonal or hexagonal garden shelter. The aluminum tube structure is mostly welded and assembled. Depending on the size and model, it may be supported by four or more posts. The 100% acrylic canopy is treated for ultraviolet, mould, rot, stain and water resistance. Our brands include Sunbrella, Dickson, Para and Ultrasol. You can choose to add screens, curtains made out of polymer or fabric, fixed or sliding, as protection from wind, rain, cold and mosquitoes or simply for greater privacy.

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Tech Sheet

Protection Wind, rain, cold, sun, insects

Seasons 3 or 4 seasons

Materials Aluminum, galvanized steel

Fabrics Over 500 choices of acrylic and vinyl fabrics

Options Curtains, screens, infrared heating

Structure Wall-mounted (stationary) or free-standing

Valances Over 100 styles of valances available

Services Storage, repairs, cleaning, waterproofing

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