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Are you looking for garden shelters to find the ideal model and decorate your backyard? Gazebos are very practical, especially for those who like to revisit the layout of their outdoor space regularly. Since they are freestanding, it’s possible to move them as you see fit.

Summer is the ideal season to spend some quality time outdoors. However, you shouldn’t forget to protect yourself from the sun. This is where installing awnings or gazebo garden shelters becomes crucial. These outdoor structures allow you to have a good time outside with your family or friends while offering yourself shade and comfort.

Auvents Polo is a reference in the awning market with years of experience. If the idea of a fixed residential patio awning or a retractable patio awning attached to your house doesn’t interest you, we have custom gazebo options.

As an experienced designer and installer, Auvents Polo is proud to offer high-quality custom gazebos. With our custom shelters, you can enjoy your backyard oasis in total comfort and in a style that matches your layout.

Now, discover everything there is to know about our gazebo garden shelters, how to personalize them, and why a custom build is unbeatable for your outdoor layout.

What is a gazebo shelter?

A freestanding gazebo is designed to shelter a chosen spot in your backyard space. It’s the ideal place to set up a dining area or relaxation space, or to install your spa.

Garden shelters from Auvents Polo

Our team is able to offer you different custom garden shelter models, such as:

  • 2 slopes;
  • 4 slopes;
  • Square;
  • Rectangular;
  • Pentagonal;
  • Hexagonal.

Our gazebos are designed to cover exactly the surface area you want

The awning structure is made from aluminum tubing, mostly welded and assembled. It is supported by 4 or more columns, according to the dimensions and the model. The canopy topper is made with 100% acrylic material. This material is also treated against UV rays, mold, rot, discoloration, and with a waterproofing treatment.

In addition, you can add mosquito netting as an option. This is made from polymer or fabric. It can also be fixed or slide on rails, which will allow you to protect yourself from wind, rain, cold, and mosquitoes, in addition to offering you greater privacy.


The different types of custom gazebos

There are many types of custom outdoor shelters, sometimes called custom garden shelters. These different models are made to meet different needs:

  • Wood gazebo structure: Stylish, this type of gazebo fits in well with most residential gardens thanks to its natural look.
  • Aluminum gazebo shelter: Much like the wood version, this is an open metallic outdoor structure that offers a shaded area in the garden. It is the perfect option for outdoor meals and receptions, and it is very easy to maintain with this resistant material.


Accessories for gazebos and garden shelters

Take advantage of a multitude of gazebo accessories to enhance your outdoor space! Among the most popular accessories are:

  1. Mosquito netting: Mosquito netting lets you enjoy the great outdoors without being disturbed by insects. It is usually compatible with gazebos and backyard pavilions.
  2. Garden furniture: Chairs and tables are part of the exterior decor of your outdoor living area. Create a comfortable space to relax or entertain your guests.
  3. Curtains or blinds: These accessories are used to maintain more privacy and to help protect you from small drafts.


What are the advantages of a custom garden shelter?

Personalization and aesthetics

With a custom project, you have the possibility to choose each detail of the construction, ranging from the choice of materials to the finishes, regardless of the shelter model. You have the option to create a unique outdoor space that matches your home and your backyard landscape. You can even opt for a steel or aluminum roof depending on your preferences.

A custom garden shelter is more stylish and attractive than cheaper plastic shelters. If you’re looking to decorate your outdoor space with an elegant, even higher-end structure, opt for a pergola in Montreal that will match your backyard plan perfectly. However, if you prefer modular and stylish custom solutions to protect you from the sun, choose a sail awning.

Adaptation to the environment

A custom structure is built to adapt perfectly to your land and your environment, making it resistant to bad weather. Whether it’s the shape, size, or orientation, you can choose the most suitable options for your backyard space.

Resistance to the elements

Custom garden shelters are designed with weather-resistant materials, such as aluminum or treated wood, for increased durability. In addition, a suitable garden shelter is able to withstand heavy storms, because it is developed specifically for your region.

Why choose Auvents Polo for your custom gazebo?

Since 1974, Auvents Polo has designed and installed custom residential and commercial awnings and shelters. Our team has acquired extensive knowledge and unparalleled expertise in the field of shelters. We are therefore able to help you find the ideal gazebo for your backyard project.

By choosing a custom garden shelter, you can enjoy a wide variety of styles, materials, and options, with an excellent price-quality ratio for your budget. Add gazebo accessories such as mosquito netting and garden furniture as you see fit to enjoy your new outdoor space to the fullest.

We offer multiple design options to personalize outdoor garden shelters. Our team is proud to offer excellent service, which is why we offer you many related services to preserve the quality of your gazebo, such as:

Do you want to start your backyard project with our team? Nothing could be simpler. All you have to do is request a free quote. Then, one of our representatives will come to your address to take the initial measurements. As soon as the quote is accepted and signed, our project manager takes the exact measurements, and the work begins at our 35,000-square-foot production facility.

We also offer our measurement service with or without an appointment, according to your needs. Browse our online collection to discover all the possibilities and create a wish list for your ideal garden shelter!

If you have any questions about our products and services, contact us. An experienced member of our team will be pleased to take your call.

Wind, rain, cold, sun, insects
3 or 4 seasons
Aluminum, galvanized steel
Over 500 choices of acrylic and vinyl fabrics
Curtains, screens, infrared heating
Wall-mounted (stationary) or free-standing
Over 100 styles of valances available
Storage, repairs, cleaning, waterproofing
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