Don’t waste your day trying to store your custom awning or shelter. Let us make your life easier. We store your investment in a warm, dry and secure location.

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    Storage to protect your items

    Our professional and attentive storage service allows you to save time and space. All items are stored in our premises, in a temperature-controlled, insured and secured installation. Our storage package includes many other services such as drying, brushing, dusting and inspection. We also offer reparation services if applicable and upon your agreement. Furthermore, we offer an annual all-inclusive storage package including removal, installation and storage or your items. This service is available to all residential, commercial and industrial clients.

    Our Other Services

    Cleaning and Waterproofing

    Why waste an afternoon cleaning your investment? Let our team take care of it while you enjoy life.

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    Awning Repairs

    Why replace your custom awning or shelter when you can repair it? Before buying a new product, contact us.

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    Custom Projects

    Let our experts build your vision so you can enjoy life.

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    Since 1974, we have helped thousands of people beautify their homes and businesses. Look what they have to say.

    Very professional and courteous team. It was worth waiting…

    J. Robitaille

    Very good experience for the awning project in the condo

    Victoria Seregina

    Excellent service and workmanship across the board.

    Martin Cloutier
    bijouterie rivet logo

    Excellent and fast service. Many thanks.

    Bijouterie Rivet
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    Since 1974, we have helped thousands of people add character to their outdoor spaces with our custom awnings