Terrace Umbrellas

The ultimate style of modern shading

Always looking for shade on sunny days, customers will favor your terrace with nice umbrellas to an uncovered one. It is also important and possible to offer commercial companies employees a better work experience by providing them with a space that is more refreshing in hot weather.  Offered in a variety of colors and shapes (standard outdoor umbrellas, tulip shaped, etc.), large or small, anchored to the wall or suspended by a side or central pole, the acquisition of one of our high-end outdoor umbrellas will be an investment that will serve you in the long term due to its durability.

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Tech Sheet

Protection Sun, rain

Seasons 3 seasons

Materials Steel, aluminum, wood

Fabrics Acrylic in hundreds of colors

Structure Posts with pulley system

Models Square, rectangular, octagonal, round and others

Accessories Patio heating, covers

Services Installation, repairs, storage, lettering

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