Awning Repairs

Repair of custom awnings, shelters, and fabrics

Looking for an awning, shelter and custom canvas repair service? When it gets cool, it’s time to close your patio. Especially if you have a 3 seasons awning or 3 seasons curtains, it’s important to remove them for the winter. Rain and wind, as well as harsh winter weather conditions, can damage your 3 season awnings.

If you need help uninstalling your awning, don’t hesitate to contact Auvents Polo for help. By having your awning uninstalled by experts, you save time and reduce the risk of tearing your canvas. 

However, if you notice cracks, loose seams or holes in your canvas, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace it. We offer an awning repair service that allows you to extend the lifespan of your awning, shelters and custom canvases.

How does awning repair work with Auvents Polo?

You can bring the canvas that needs repair directly to our Longueuil offices. Once there, our customer service managers will take care of you to start the process.

In order to simplify your task, you can also ask our team of awning, shelter and canvas installation experts to pick it up from your home or business. To do this, simply call us or request a quote and our customer service team will follow up as soon as possible to determine the best date to come to your address. 

Then, our team of craftsmen will inspect your canvas. Before repairing awnings, the canvas is completely unrolled in our large factory. Each nook and cranny of the canvas is inspected thoroughly to see the breakage and fully understand the nature of the breakage. Everything is noted by our team of craftsmen.

Then, our craftsmen submit their inspection report to customer service, which then prepares an estimate. This estimate can be communicated to you by email or by telephone depending on your preferences. Repairing the awning will not start until you have given your approval. 

When we have received your approval, we proceed to repair the awning in our heated, insured and secure factory. When the awning repair is finished, our quality inspector ensures the work has been completed. Finally, we will notify you that your canvas repair is complete and you can pick it up. Otherwise, we can go reinstall it at your home or establishment.

What if the awning, shelter or canvas repair is impossible?

In cases where the inspection of our craftsmen reveals that the canvas cannot be repaired, rest assured. We are able to offer you alternative solutions such as covering your awning, or canvas replacement.

We have a selection of several hundred fabrics, so if your tastes have changed over time, you will be able to choose a new color and a new style for your awning. If you need help, our awning and canvas experts will be happy to guide you in this choice.

Why entrust the repair of your fabrics to Auvents Polo?

Our team is made up of experts in awnings, shelters, and canvases since 1974. Our craftsmen have the experience necessary to carry out repairs that will extend the life of your investment. No matter the size of your canvas, we will know how to treat it well in our factory.

Moreover, replacing a canvas will cost you more than having it repaired. Repairs are more economical because they allow you to enjoy your investment longer.

It’s also much faster to repair than replace; creating a custom canvas takes a long time. Our experts quickly repair the fabrics. By having them repaired, you can bask under your awning longer.

If you have any questions regarding our custom awning, shelter, and canvas repair service, please contact us. We are delighted to talk with you. 

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