Outdoor Blinds and Curtains

Enjoy the outdoors while being protected

By adding seasonal curtains or outdoor blinds, they will act as movable walls to hide from the neighbours and block the sun, rain, wind, and—most importantly—mosquitoes! Thanks to our solutions, you also enjoy enhanced glare reduction.

Since 1974, we’ve installed custom outdoor blinds and curtains as well as exterior solar shades. We’ve mastered the art of designing and installing outdoor curtains. We manufacture blinds from well-known brands. To complement your terrace awning or your stylish patio, contact us to have your outdoor blinds or curtains installed. We’re pleased to offer you different models in various colours and fabrics to match your tastes and needs.

Outdoor Blinds and Curtains

Tired of having to put on your winter boots each time you want to get some fresh air or buying outdoor summer furniture again because the snow has destroyed it? It’s simple! Have outdoor winter curtains installed, and all your problems will be solved. These outdoor curtains will allow you to keep a dry space sheltered from the wind, rain, and—especially—snow. Our outdoor curtains can be fixed, windable, or sliding, and are made of acrylic, vinyl, or polyethylene. They will protect you from the cold and give you access to the outdoors rain or shine. You can also add a patio heater to enjoy your patio awning while staying warm, even in the winter!

Whether you want to hide from the neighbours to enjoy more privacy, protect yourself from mosquitoes, or take shelter from the rain and wind, outdoor summer curtains are designed to be movable, windable, or fixed. Movable outdoor curtains slide on rails, which allows you to adjust their positions, while fixed outdoor curtains are attached to the structure of your patio awning or roof. All our outdoor summer curtains are made to measure, so it’s possible for you to make special requests to personalize them. For example, you can add windows, doors, or even an opening for your pet. Don’t hesitate to customize your curtains according to your tastes and needs.

Manual or motorized outdoor blinds can be installed on a fixed roof or under a fixed patio awning. Easy to operate, two types of outdoor blinds are available to you. We offer outdoor blinds on guides or sliders from the following brands: Mitjavila, Corradi, and Rainier. Ready to face any kind of temperature, your outdoor blinds will quickly become essential in your outdoor space.Protect yourself from the wind, rain, and UV rays for 3 or 4 seasons thanks to our outdoor blinds. You can also have mosquito netting installed for more privacy and to prevent mosquitoes and other unwanted insects from entering your outdoor space.

Our models

Winter Curtains

Tired of having to put on your winter boots whenever you want to take fresh air? Tired of buying new summer furniture periodically because the snow destroyed them? The solution is simple, treat yourself by installing winter curtains and these problems will be solved. These curtains will allow you to keep a dry space protected from wind, rain and especially snow.
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Summer Curtains

Whether it’s hiding yourself from your neighbors in order to get more privacy, protecting yourself from mosquitoes or cover yourself from rain or wind, the summer curtain is made to make your home more pleasant. Adapted on a rail system, the curtain is hung with carriers that will allow you to slide it in the position you require.
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Manual or motorized, the exterior vertical blind can be placed under a fixed roof or on almost any kind of awning. Easy to operate, the rail-guided blind or the vertical tracks blind are two types that we offer among the following brands: Mitjavila, Corradi, and Rainier. Ready to withstand any kind of temperature, they will become essential items for your outdoor space.
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