Residential winter car shelters

Our custom-made shelters will make you love winter again!

Start enjoying the winter season again with our custom-made winter car shelters!

Say goodbye to the endless hours of shoveling, and enjoy winter with the help of our winter car shelters! Tempo style shelters are a must for Quebec winters.

They allow you to reduce your winter chores. They are also ideal for the elderly and people who can not lift heavy loads. People with reduced mobility also benefit from the access of these off-the-shelf shelters, as they do not have to clear large areas after each snowfall.

Auvents Polo possesses many years of experience in the design and installation of custom-made winter temporary car shelters and awnings. We have been a reference in winter shelters since 1974. All our shelters are designed and manufactured in our factory, in addition to being customizable. Feel free to add a door, windows, mail pouches, air vents or learn about hybrid products.

In addition, we can store your shelter in our heated, insured and secure premises. Our team also takes care of the installation and the uninstallation for you. We also offer a cleaning and repair service inside our factory.

Contact us today to discover our different products for winter. We are pleased to provide a quote and offer you our tailor-made service.

Residential winter car shelters

Looking for a commercial winter shelter?

Our shelters are designed with a welded or extruded steel structure that rests on the wall of a house. They are covered with a polyethylene fabric treated against UV rays. Our fabrics are also thicker than our competitors for better durability.

We guarantee the fabric and the structure for 2 years. The anchors used to stabilize the structure are as follows: permancre for asphalt and pavers, concrete blocks, Cavalier anchoring and shrouds. Do not forget to check with your municipality to make sure you can install a winter shelter. You might have to ask for a permit.

Our tempo style shelters for your vehicles are made to measure and are perfectly adapted to the climatic conditions of our winters. Our simple shelters use an assembled structure and our double shelters use a welded structure. These two types of shelters have no limit in terms of length and can be combined with any other types of temporary shelters. They can also be customized with the installation of doors, windows and additional accessories.

Our walkway shelters are useful for protecting your pedestrian surfaces, no matter their size. Your sidewalks, steps, balconies and more will be well protected against winter weather conditions thanks to our custom-made winter shelters. They can also be connected to any other shelters, such as your tempo style winter car shelters. This way you will be protected from the car to the home.

Our carport shelters protect a walkway or car entrance along with a building. We can also offer you single-sloped shelters that help prevent snowfall at your neighbor’s house. All our shelters are durable and custom-made, whether attached to the wall or independent, and can be combined with any other type of shelter.

To ensure the safety of people with reduced mobility in winter, get a residential winter shelter for the disabled. Our shelters are tailor-made to protect any facility such as outdoor elevators, ramps, and more.

For all other winter shelter needs, we also offer out-of-the-ordinary shelters. They are particularly useful for protecting vehicles, equipment, workspace, or other projects. Our out of the ordinary shelters are robust and made to measure according to your project’s dimensions.

Our models

Tempo Style Winter Shelters – Commercial and Industrial

Tired or sore from shovelling? Equip yourself with a tempo style winter shelter to protect your vehicles from severe weather. Single or double, made to measure and entirely customizable, Auvents Polo’s winter shelters are made to last.
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Useful to protect any pedestrian surfaces (wide or narrow) such as walkways, stairs, balconies and others, our walkway shelters are custom-made to your needs and can be connected to any other shelter.
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With one side attached to a building, carport shelters allow you to control where the snow falls or to protect a passage way running along a building. Like all Polo winter shelters, they can be connected to any other winter shelter.
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As it is essential to ensure the safety of disabled persons, disabled access shelters are designed to cover exterior elevators, wheelchair access ramps or any other surface or installation. In all weather, our disabled access shelters are safe and designed to meet any requirements.
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Useful to protect vehicles, equipment, a workspace or other, our oversized shelters are custom-made to the dimensions of your project.
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