Custom-Made Double Car Shelter

Protect all your vehicles this winter with a custom double car shelter from Auvents Polo!

Protect your vehicles from the elements and harsh weather conditions thanks to the quality shelters manufactured by Auvents Polo.

Auvents Polo offers turnkey design, manufacturing, and installation service for double car shelters. Since 1974, we have been providing Quebecers with custom awnings and temporary shelter models of exceptional quality that are available in a variety of sizes.

Whatever the dimensions of shelters and the complexity of the project, we can manufacture a double carport that will meet all your needs, guaranteed! Entrust us with the design of your double car shelter and finally start enjoying winter without suffering the cold weather!

Why opt for a double car shelter this winter?

There are many elements to consider when shopping for a carport, such as the number of vehicles to be sheltered. If you are part of a household with more than one car to protect in the winter, non-standard or double shelters are an excellent solution with more square meters.

Temporary car shelters from Auvents Polo

Auvents Polo is a true specialist in the design, manufacture, and installation of custom carports. All our shelters have a strong metal structure made of galvanized steel and a thicker, high-quality canvas.

At Auvents Polo, we understand that buying a custom-made double car shelter is a sound investment. We therefore offer our customers products that are weather-resistant and have a remarkable lifespan.

List of the temporary structures offered at Auvents Polo

In addition to finding the perfect double car shelter, you can combine it with other Auvents Polo product types. For optimal protection, choose to pair your hybrid winter shelter with a:

  • Fence shelter;
  • Walkway shelter; adding a walkway to your shelter lets you protect yourself from the house to your car.
  • Double carport shelter;
  • Residential shelter for people with disabilities.

The advantages of double car shelter models for the cold season

  1. No more wasting additional time and energy on shoveling, clearing off snow, and defrosting your windows
  2. Optimal protection from the elements for all your vehicles
  3. Safety and comfort for all users

We strongly recommend avoiding standard shelters from big box stores. Instead, opt for a custom carport to ensure the quality of your investment at a good price.

Auvents Polo is the custom double car shelter manufacturer to contact

Vue rapprochée d'un abris d'auto double et de sa toile blanche résistante.

Auvents Polo is the company to contact to get a custom-made double car shelter. We offer our customers high-end products and services that meet all their needs.

Take advantage of our expertise by entrusting us with your custom project, and we will take care of everything for you.

Compliance with regulations

We will also take the time to check the regulations of your municipality concerning the installation of temporary shelters. Thanks to our installation and disassembly service, you are therefore sure to respect the dates of your municipality or borough.

360­° services for your custom double car shelter

  • Installation and disassembly of the shelter
  • Cleaning and waterproofing
  • Repair
  • Storage at the end of the winter

For more information about our winter shelters and our services, contact us. Enjoy winter again and stay protected from the elements thanks to Auvents Polo shelters!

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