Cleaning and Waterproofing

Cleaning and Waterproofing

Awning cleaning and waterproofing are two services available to all our customers or anyone with any kinds of canvases or items! If you wish to see the original color once again, our awning cleaning service in Montreal is perfect for you. 

Residential and commercial, we all reside in a country with inclement weather where nature, water, and airborne pollutants can stain or damage the color and waterproofing on the fabric. We clean your commercial or residential awning fabrics and canvases under high water pressure, hang them for drying and then we waterproof them. This process always takes around 1 to 4 weeks depending on the season. In addition, several factors such as age and type of item can cause the fabric to no longer be cleanable but still be re-waterproofed. Think ahead to do the cleaning and waterproofing in order to get everything back in time! These services can be done together or separately depending on your needs, your items and your fabrics and canvases.

Our team is ready to help you! Discover all the advantages of our awning cleaning service now. 

The Advantages:

A Longer Life for your Fabrics and Canvases

When you own a fixed or retractable awning, an outdoor blind or curtain, you add one more living space to your environment. Your awnings allow you to enjoy and exploit your outdoor to the fullest as well as extend those good moments. So long as your fabrics remain in good condition.

After many years, your fabrics can lose their shine and be damaged due to dust, tar or oil, as well as sun and time. One of the main benefits of our awning cleaning and waterproofing service is that you can ensure that your fabrics and canvas will last longer.

Spending Your Time as You Wish

Another benefit of using our service is that you do not have to strain yourself to the task. Since we take care of everything for you with our cleaning service, you can enjoy your time without getting bothered by maintaining your fabrics and canvases.

Restoring Your Fabrics and Canvases’ Shine

Dirt, oil and tar, sun and time are the principal factors that explain your fabrics losing their splendor and their colors. Even if we treat all of our awnings against UV rays, if you don’t maintain or clean your fabrics and canvases, they will have greater chances of being damaged. Unfortunately, you could also face:

  • Premature aging of your fabrics;
  • Accelerated deterioration of your fabrics;
  • Bad smells;
  • Holes and tears;

This is why our awning cleaning service is so important to keep your fabrics and canvases in good condition. By letting us take care of your fabrics and canvases for you, you can be assured that your fabrics’ colors and shine will be restored and protected against these problems.

How Is Cleaning Done?

If you want to take advantage of our awning cleaning and waterproofing service, here are the steps to follow:

  • Bring the fabrics to our offices;
  • For waterproofing, it is possible to buy the accessories, or we can come to your place;
  • Our experts will realize an inspection and verify that there are no holes or tears, check the wear of the canvas as well as the condition of the seams;
  • Following the inspection, we will rapidly give you an estimate either by email or by phone;

Our team of experts decides the price along with our customer care service. Then, we do a follow-up quickly so you can get your fabrics and canvases back as soon as possible.

If need be, our experts can also make repairs on your fabrics and canvases in our 35,000 square feet manufacture. We have the skill and tools necessary to ensure that your repairs are done in the rules of the art.


We place the fabrics and canvases in a clean and dry environment. Then, we open them and blow them with compressed air. It’s during this process that most of the pollution, dirt, insect and spider webs are removed. The leaves that can stay and all of these things help keep the canvas in good condition and keep its life.


We do not clean the fabrics and canvas. For the customers who store, we dry the fabrics and then remove the leaves.


After removing the dust and dirt, we send the fabrics to our team of awning fabrics and canvases experts. They will then use a rotating brush to remove the remaining waterproofing on the fabrics.

Before reproofing, we inspect the fabrics to give you the right information on its condition. Our experts can also go to your home to do this service. Or you can do it yourself. We have products. 

Auvents Polo has over 45 years of experience in awning cleaning and waterproofing. We are experts with hundreds of types of fabrics and canvases. By choosing us for your awning cleaning and waterproofing needs, you can be assured that you are paying for a professional service. Your investment is in good hands and will last longer with us. Furthermore, our awning cleaning service ensures that you’ll avoid bad surprises which could happen with a less qualified team. We are proud to provide you with an awning cleaning and waterproofing service that offers you unsurpassed peace of mind.

If you have any questions concerning our awning cleaning service in Montreal, do not hesitate to contact us. An experienced member of our team will gladly take your call. 

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