Stay sheltered when the weather changes!

We offer several types of tents such as the traditional tent, 3 seasons tent and custom-made tent to keep you sheltered at all times. All our tents can be designed with additional options such as extra windows, insect screens, insulation, insulated floor, heater outlet and more. We also offer tents for promotional use and tents for large events.

Summer camp or prospector tents

If you are a nature enthusiast, a hunter or a prospector, our tents are sure to meet your needs. Our tents can be customized with a large number of options to ensure comfort, efficiency and safety.

Traditional tent

Often free-standing, traditional tents are used as an extra outdoor room to host special events. Either standard-sized, oversized or custom-sized, we can achieve any size or shape to keep you and your guests sheltered from harsh weather.

Wind, cold, rain, sun, insects, snow
3 or 4 seasons
Galvanized steel, aluminum
Cotton with UV filter, fire-retardant cotton or vinyl
Several models available
Floor, double roof, window, door, chimney outlet, insulation
Curtains, screening
Storage, repairs, cleaning, waterproofing, lettering
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