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Do you want to complement your landscaping by purchasing an awning in Valleyfield? Start your search at Auvents Polo!

We have been a custom awning manufacturer since 1974. Our awnings will perfectly match your style while offering you optimal protection. We offer different types of awnings, such as tempo-style shelters for the winter and patio awnings so you can stay protected from the sun’s UV rays during the summer.

Our high-end awnings are made to measure to adapt perfectly to your spaces. Our team of specialists manufactures awnings of all shapes and sizes. Our advisors can also help you determine the colour and patterns to match your awning to the style of your home or business. Whatever the dimensions of your space, our personalized awnings will meet all your needs.

For a high-quality awning in Valleyfield, trust Auvents Polo.

Awning in Valleyfield: fixed or retractable?

When the time comes to choose an awning, it’s important to know your options. Our team offers you two types of awnings: fixed patio awnings and retractable awnings.

Fixed patio awnings

A fixed patio awning is an awning attached to the exterior wall of your home. This awning has a welded aluminum structure, and the canvas is made of acrylic or vinyl. Our canvases are designed to resist:

  • UV rays
  • mold
  • rot
  • wind and rain
  • discoloration

You can also opt for a freestanding structure. In addition, our canvases are treated and waterproofed, so you can enjoy your awning even when it’s raining.

Retractable awnings

A retractable awning is hung on the exterior wall of your home. It consists of an aluminum or extruded aluminum structure covered with acrylic fabric. Our acrylic canvases protect you from the sun’s UV rays and are treated to resist mold, rot, and discoloration. They are also waterproof, so you can enjoy your awning in both good weather and bad.

The difference between a retractable awning and a fixed awning is that you can retract the awning on itself using a crank.

Motorized or manual?

When you opt for a retractable awning, you can also decide to motorize it. What is the advantage of motorization? When connected to a home automation system, you can control your awning from your fingertip using a smart device. This means less effort to retract your awning. If you have a patio heater, you can also connect it thanks to your home automation system.

The advantages of an awning in Valleyfield

There are many advantages to owning an awning. The main one is the addition of extra living space. Your outdoor space becomes more comfortable and stylish thanks to an awning and offers you a room where you can relax and spend memorable moments.

Auvents Polo also offers a range of more than 500 colours and patterns to allow you to personalize your awning as much as possible. Our landscaping specialists can recommend a colour match if you already have a colour in mind.

Thanks to an awning, you can also extend patio season. Instead of taking everything down in September, you can enjoy your awning until October thanks to a patio heater. We can install an infrared patio heater for you.

Most of our custom awnings are designed for 3 seasons, but we have a few 4-season models made of aluminum or polycarbonate. Designed to be sturdier, these awnings have durable vinyl canvases that let the snow slide off them.

Are they resistant to winter?

Unless you choose a 4-season model, no. It’s important to install retractable awnings; otherwise, they could freeze and break. For fixed awnings, you also have to remove the canvases before winter to keep them in good condition for as long as possible. We therefore highly recommend having a warm, dry, and secure space to store your canvases.

Otherwise, Auvents Polo offers a storage service at our 35,000-square-foot factory. Your awnings will be stored in the best possible conditions. We can also take care of installing and removing your awnings.

Why buy your awning in Valleyfield at Auvents Polo?

Auvents Polo has specialized in the design, manufacture, and installation of custom awnings since 1974. Our team offers you fast, professional service and stylish, durable awnings.

In addition to storage, we also offer awnings repair and cleaning and waterproofing services to help you keep your canvases impeccable for as long as possible.

Regardless of the type of awning, the dimensions, or your style and colour preferences, our team can offer you an awning that meets all your needs. We have also simplified our purchasing process. First, an experienced member of our team is in charge of measurements before offering you a quote. Once accepted, a project manager double-checks the final measurements to initiate production.

We offer our measurement service with and without an appointment, according to your preferences.

Do you need additional information about our awning design service in Valleyfield? Contact us. We will be pleased to take your call.

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