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White canvas installed on a pergola
17 June 2024

How to clean a canvas awning?

Cleaning an entire pergola and the canvas is a necessary chore to preserve a patio shelter as long as possible. Buying a custom awning is a good investment, but only if it is well maintained. Awnings allow you to stay in the shade and enjoy your outdoor space at all times. To maintain their quality, our fixed […]
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Une pergola avec une toile moderne et résistante vendue par Auvent Polo
25 September 2023

Pergola vs. Gazebo: What's the Difference?

In this article, we will explore their main differences, so you can select the ideal structure to elevate and enhance your garden.
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how to increase foot traffic to your retail store
25 February 2022

Increasing the Traffic in Your Store: 4 Tips

Whether you are a new merchant or an experienced shopkeeper, driving traffic to your store should always be your priority. Opening a store is not a simple task, but ensuring its growth is also complex. When starting a business, there are several aspects to consider. Firstly, your business location. A strategic location plays an important […]
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25 February 2022

Canadian Tire awning : Is it better than a custom awning?

Do you want to replace your old awning with a Canadian Tire awning or a custom awning? With summer and mild temperatures coming back, patio owners are questioning themselves. For some, the questioning revolves around the summer holidays, while others begin to foresee and plan their backyard’s layout. It’s also in May the majority of […]
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