Canadian Tire awning : Is it better than a custom awning?

25 February 2022

Do you want to replace your old awning with a Canadian Tire awning or a custom awning? With summer and mild temperatures coming back, patio owners are questioning themselves. For some, the questioning revolves around the summer holidays, while others begin to foresee and plan their backyard’s layout.

It’s also in May the majority of patio owners decide to buy their custom awning. Did you know you had to count at least 3 weeks to receive your new custom awning? Indeed, it’s necessary to consider the time for the measurement, design, finishing and delivery and installation of your new awning.

Unfortunately, this delay deters some patio owners and they invest in a Canadian Tire awning. Is this investment beneficial to save time? Our experts in tailor-made projects are happy to answer this question for you in our complete report on the subject.

Buying a Canadian Tire awning, advantageous or not?


  • By purchasing your awning at Canadian Tire, you will have the advantage of being able to quickly take advantage of your awning. If you want to make the most of your patio as quickly as possible, just go to Canadian Tire to get an awning.
  • You will also have the advantage of enjoying a quick delivery. In just 1 to 5 business days, your Canadian Tire awning can be delivered to your door. Getting an awning at Canadian Tire is unbeatably fast.

The disadvantages

  • Assembling your awning is quite a challenge. Once you have purchased your awning, it will be up to you to assemble it. You will need to foresee the help of 2 to 3 people to help you with this delicate task. After all, a poorly assembled awning is at risk of collapsing and causing injury.
  • Unpleasant surprises. Although errors are rare, they are not impossible. This means you could receive your box delivered in a sorry state. Worse, important assembly parts could be missing. You will have to repack and bring the product back to exchange it or obtain the missing parts. This can slow you down for the assembly and cause a frustrating situation.
  • What to do in the event of a wrong dimension? Big box store awnings are designed from a basic model with predefined dimensions. Therefore, the dimensions of a Canadian Tire awning may not allow it to complement your patio. When taking your measurements, don’t forget to consider whether your patio floor is sloping or not.

Furthermore, your awning is to protect you against UV rays while offering you a space in the shade. However, when it’s well-chosen, it brings an undeniable cachet to your outdoor layout. Even if you receive your product quickly, it’s not personalized to your living environment. If you dreamed of a gray awning with black patterns, you will not be able to get what you want from a big box store.

  • After-sales service. If your mechanism gets stuck or your canvas tears, who will you call? When you want to get help or return it to a big box store, you must repack the product in its original box to return it. Moreover, you must consider the warranty and the store’s return policy.
  • Awning quality. It goes without saying, a $500 awning is not of the same quality as a $1500 awning. To be able to offer you an awning at this price, big box stores must use poor quality parts.

Why choose a custom awning?


  • Installation of your awning by experienced installers. By having your awning made to measure, you will not have to assemble it yourself. You will not have to tell your friends to reserve an afternoon to help you with this project.

    An awning is not an investment to be taken lightly. In order to install your awning safely, we call on our team of experienced awning installers. They will make sure your canvas is well stretched as well as show you how to use and maintain your awning so it lasts a long time.
  • The guarantee of having the right dimensions. By having your awning made with Auvents Polo, you can be sure your awning will perfectly match your outdoor space. Our project managers take the exact measurements, then draw your awning on the computer to ensure everything is impeccable.
  • An awning personalized to your tastes and needs. You will also have the chance to choose your awning’s colour and patterns. We also offer a wide selection of over 500 different colours and patterns available in our large factory. In order to properly equip yourself with this choice, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from our outdoor design experts. They are delighted to put their expertise at your disposal.
  • A question of sustainability. You will not have to endure a mechanism that breaks in less than two years or a torn canvas at the end of summer. This kind of situation does not happen when you invest in a custom awning. The materials used to make them are the best materials in the industry. Furthermore, in the event of a glitch, you will have access to an excellent after-sales service that can solve all your awning problems quickly.
  • Customer service. The hot season is ending, is it time to put away the BBQ, the lounge chairs and your outdoor table? Do you have enough space to store your awning canvas? If not, you may have access to a storage service in heated, secure, and insured premises. If your canvas is faded or needs to be waterproofed, we also offer a cleaning and waterproofing service to give it a clean look.


The main disadvantage of the custom awning is the delivery time. If a big-box store can offer you your awning in less than 5 days, you will have to count 3 to 4 weeks to receive your custom awning. A good way to remedy this problem is to order your awning as soon as possible.

So, a Canadian Tire awning or a custom awning?

Canadian Tire awnings have the advantage of being delivered quickly. You just have to go to the store and leave with your awning or have it delivered to your home in less than 5 days.

As for custom awnings, it takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks for measurement, design, manufacturing and installation. 

However, the benefits of custom awnings far outweigh the speed of receiving the product from Canadian Tire. Your awning is more durable, is accompanied by one or more after-sales services as well as being personalized to match your outdoor layout. 

If you have any questions regarding custom awnings, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to share it with you.

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