How to clean a canvas awning?

17 June 2024
White canvas installed on a pergola

Cleaning an entire pergola and the canvas is a necessary chore to preserve a patio shelter as long as possible. Buying a custom awning is a good investment, but only if it is well maintained.

Awnings allow you to stay in the shade and enjoy your outdoor space at all times. To maintain their quality, our fixed patio awning or retractable awning specialists have designed this short guide to canvas and awning cleaning.

What are the advantages of opting for a custom awning?

In addition to the quality of the type of fabric and its lifespan, there are many other advantages to investing in a custom awning. You will enjoy benefits such as:

  • A shelter with dimensions perfectly suited to your patio
  • Canvases in a wide variety of colours, with or without patterns
  • The ability to personalize your awning to match your style, preferences, and décor
  • The ideal space to enjoy the sun in complete safety

The advantages of customization for the regular cleaning of a canvas

The awnings offered by big box stores are generally of lower quality. When these fabrics get dirty, they are harder to clean. They are also more prone to tearing and discoloration caused by the sun’s rays.

With a custom awning, it’s possible to call on a professional cleaning service. Specialized companies use high-quality cleaning products for the regular maintenance of canvases. You can therefore rest assured that your awning will retain its appearance and resistance. However, if you wish to do the cleaning yourself, here is the best method to preserve the quality of your canvas.

5 steps for cleaning a custom pergola canvas

  1. Use your garden hose to rinse and remove debris, insects, dirt, and dust
  2. Use a soft-bristled brush and a solution of warm water and liquid dish soap for cleaning
  3. Scrub the canvas gently to avoid damaging it and help the soap penetrate the fabric
  4. Do a first rinse and only stop when the water is clear and free of soap residue
  5. Choose a hot, sunny day so that the canvas has time to dry

Some stubborn stains are harder to remove. If this is the case, repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 until the stain comes loose. If it doesn’t disappear, take intensive measures.

Large white canvas of a pergola installed on the patio of a house

How to remove stubborn dirt?

Mold, insects, and dead leaves sometimes leave stains that are difficult to remove. When they become embedded in the fabric, use a slightly more aggressive cleaning approach:

  • Prepare a mixture of one litre of water with 250 mL of bleach and 60 mL of mild dish soap to avoid discoloring the canvas
  • Lay your canvas flat and pour the solution on the persistent stains
  • Let act for around thirty minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly and let the canvas air dry
  • Repeat once if the canvas still has stains

If the stain doesn’t come off, don’t hesitate to contact specialists to give you a helping hand.

A few tips to avoid damaging the canvas

To keep your gazebo canopy in excellent condition and prevent mildew growth, regular cleaning is crucial. Before proceeding with the cleaning, it is important to remove debris using a broom. This avoids rubbing dirt on the canvas during the washing, which could damage it.

How often should a pergola roof canvas be cleaned?

It is recommended to clean your canvas at least twice a year, ideally at the start and end of the summer. However, if your pergola is exposed to a dirtier environment, such as near tall trees or in an urban area with a lot of pollution, more frequent cleaning may be necessary to keep the waterproof canvas in perfect condition.

Can a pergola roof cover be machine-washed?

No, it is generally not recommended to wash a gazebo cover in a washing machine. The best way to clean it is to use a garden hose to wet it thoroughly and a soft brush to remove dirt. You can consider using mild detergent, but always make sure to rinse the canvas thoroughly to eliminate any detergent residue, which could attract dirt or promote the formation of mold.

How to maintain a canvas canopy during the winter?

Routine maintenance in the winter is essential to guarantee the longevity of your canvas and maintain its excellent resistance to the elements. Before the cold weather conditions set in, make sure to clean it thoroughly to remove any dirt or mold that could worsen with humidity.

Once the canvas is clean and dry, it is recommended to dismantle it and store it in a dry location away from direct sunlight. Proper storage may include the use of breathable protective covers, which prevent moisture buildup and provide additional protection. If you are unable to take it down, ensure that the canvas is secure and does not collect rainwater, which could cause deformation or damage to the canopy material.

Preserve your pergola for years to come

By following these practical tips for cleaning and maintaining your pergola canvas, you will extend its lifespan while maintaining its appearance. Don’t hesitate to contact Auvents Polo for customized solutions and expert advice tailored to your specific needs. For more information or a consultation, please fill out our contact form or call us today. We are at your disposal to help you optimize your outdoor space!

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