Canadian Tire shelter or custom shelter: how to choose

25 February 2022

Winter is approaching and you are still hesitating between a shelter from Canadian Tire or a custom-made winter shelter? Don’t worry, our experts are here to help.

When winter arrives, there is already so much to do on the South Shore. As a family, you can take advantage of your beautiful winter days to go snowshoeing, skiing or play hockey. Winter is also the return of the time when you must remove snow from your driveway and car to be able to go to work.

canadian tire tempo

Sometimes two or three shovels are enough. A little brushing of your windshield and you’re good to go. After a storm you can also waste up to 30 minutes of your time.  In addition to exhausting yourself shoveling, you run the risk of being late for work. This can also force you to finish later to make up for lost time shoveling in the morning.

The good news is that it’s possible to save your time and continue loving winter with a winter shelter. However, the question remains. Should you shop for your shelter at Canadian Tire or opt for a custom made? Our experts are happy to answer this question for you.

Should you choose a Canadian Tire car shelter or a custom model?

We strongly recommend choosing a custom car shelter. Investing in a Canadian Tire or custom car shelter is a big investment. The goal of any investment is for it to last as long as possible. By purchasing a shelter from a big box store, you will be lucky if it lasts a few years. By turning to a company specializing in custom shelters, you can rest assured your shelter is made to last.

At Canadian Tire, a car shelter will be less expensive. However, in the long run it is much more economical to opt for a custom-made winter shelter. Here’s why.

The advantages of choosing your custom-made shelter

Not all driveways are made the same. The dimensions differ from one driveway to the next. Since the Canadian Tire shelters are made on the same model, this one may not be suitable for your needs. There are several points to consider when purchasing a shelter. Here they are.

  • Dimensions: Depending on the dimensions of your driveway, opting for a winter shelter different from the classic style might be a good option. For example, a carport style shelter works best for driveways that are narrower.
  • Installation: Did you know that there are standards to be respected to install a temporary winter shelter? In addition to requiring 2–3 people for installation, each municipality has its own legislation concerning them. An improperly installed winter shelter can collapse, causing injury and, in extreme cases, death. Companies specializing in custom shelters are aware of the rules and laws. They can therefore install your shelter respecting the BNQ standards, which ensures a good installation and your safety.
  • Storage: By purchasing custom-made, your specialist can give you the best advice for properly storing your canvas at the end of winter. Some companies even offer a storage service if you can’t do the storage at home.

Why entrust your winter shelter to Auvents Polo?

Our company specializes in winter shelter design and installation. Since 1974, Auvents Polo helps individuals and businesses to make the most of winter with high quality custom shelters.

We offer a turnkey solution that allows our customers to entrust the installation, storage, as well as the removal of your shelter at the end of winter to our team of specialists. So you don’t even have to worry about your shelter anymore, because we take care of everything. 

Interested in finding out more? We invite you to request a quote. Our specialists will contact you quickly.

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