12 Modern Landscaping Ideas for Your Backyard

26 April 2022

As summer season is around the corner, many homeowners are looking for modern landscaping ideas to reinvigorate their backyard design. Furthermore, with the current global situation forcing us to stay home, it’s important to make our living spaces places that inspire relaxation and well-being.

Rest assured, there’s no need to scavenge the darkest corners of the web to find a unique landscaping idea. Our exterior design experts found around a dozen ideas and styles that will improve your quality of life in your backyard. We also invite you to discover some wonderful terrace accessories that’ll be sure to rekindle your love for your patio.

Discover now 12 ingenious and modern landscaping ideas to create your dream layout.

1. It Is as Good to Live Outside as Inside

modern landscaping ideas

Do you like your interior design? Then you’ll be happy to hear that nothing stops you from extending it outside! The best way to add a space that resembles you to your patio is to add an awning.

Beautiful weather, rainy weather, a patio awning is all you need to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest. When strong winds rise up, and rain gets involved, you can always close your blinds and curtains to stay comfortable. Your awning also lets you enjoy the outside without risking a sunburn. Owning an awning is an undeniable advantage for any terrace owner.

Furthermore, you can customize your awnings when you buy them from specialized businesses, such as Auvents Polo. We offer several hundreds of fabrics and designs so you can streamline your exterior design with a style that resembles you.

Another advantage is that you can add a patio heater, making terrace season last a little longer!

2. An Illuminated Space to Liven Up Your Evenings

modern landscaping ideas

Nothing better than a family and friends barbecue that lasts until late in the evening. Add some lights to your awning, gazebo, or patio to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

No need to watch the candles anymore when your exterior design is full of lights!

3. Modern Landscaping Ideas: An Outdoor Bar Or Kitchen

modern landscaping ideas

If there’s one thing the resorts in the south helped us understand, it’s that adding an outdoor kitchen or bar in the pool is a genius idea. However, even if you do not have a pool, you can always add an outdoor bar on your terrace to remind yourself of your trips to Mexico. 

Just think about it; Inviting your friends and family for dinner, without having to leave their presence to cook. It is not only barbecue but installing counters where you can prepare food or even serve your guests. Add a few stools around your outdoor counter and you can even share a glass of wine with them while cooking.

4. The Elegance of Water Basin and Natural Pools for a Beautiful Layout

As popular as ever, water basins and natural pools add a touch of elegance to any backyard. If you have the space and time to care for this modern landscaping idea, then it’s an excellent option for you.

However, for this kind of layout, it is recommended to contact an experienced landscaper.

5. 2022 Modern Landscaping Ideas: All in Simplicity

modern landscaping ideas

Sometimes, all you need to do to give your decor a breath of fresh air is to add the right accessory. To add a touch of modernity to your space, consider purchasing some umbrellas.

Adding umbrellas around the pool, sandbox, and other strategic locations is an excellent option for those who wish to upgrade their backyard design without necessarily revisiting it entirely. We also highly recommend buying your umbrellas from a specialist so you’ll have access to a more significant number of styles, shapes, and designs.

6. Modern Landscaping Ideas: Add a Zen Corner

modern landscaping ideas

Besides the water basin, the zen trend is still strong in 2021! Do not hesitate to get inspiration from Japanese gardens to create a space that inspires calm and serenity in your backyard. Create a reading corner surrounded by plants with a comfortable chair, or even an area where you can do yoga while listening to the pleasant sound of a fountain.

Every reason to destress is valid, and a harmonious and peaceful layout is an excellent option.

7. Pavement Layout: The Trend Is for a Refined Style

modern landscaping ideas

Adding a refined pavement style to your outdoor space is another way to upgrade your exterior design. If you need inspiration, do not hesitate to browse websites like Pinterest to discover unique pavement layout options that are easy and simple to make yourself at home.

8. Choose Easy to Maintain Plants

modern landscaping ideas

Do you wish to add a touch of nature to your exterior design? Adding plants is an excellent way to breathe life into your landscape.

Of course, if you work full time, you might not have the time to care for plants regularly. This is why it’s essential to choose plants that require little to no care. We highly recommend selecting perennials and add sprinklers to water the plants regularly if you have no time to care for them.

9. Modern Landscaping Ideas in 2021: The Green Wall

modern landscaping ideas

Have you ever heard of the green wall? This is one of the current, most popular modern landscaping ideas. Especially for urban homes where it’s hard to add plants and greenery. One of the easiest methods to create a green wall is lattice and vines, but there are now so many options that you can pick the one that fits your decor the most. The green wall also demands little care, which makes it a good choice for busy homeowners.

10. An Exterior Shower for Maximum Comfort

modern landscaping ideas

Another thing stolen from the resorts of the south. They sure know what they are doing when it comes to maximizing the potential of outdoor spaces! Do not hesitate to install an exterior shower near your pool to rinse off the chlorine or saltwater after a swimming session.

11. Modern Landscaping Ideas: Simple and Modern Wooden Fences Designs

modern landscaping ideas

Wooden fences are still very popular for homeowners, and the trend right now is minimalist and modern designs. Do not hesitate to consult with exterior designers. They’ll help you find the fence that’ll be the perfect addition to your backyard decor.

12. Add a Fireplace to Your Layout

modern landscaping ideas

Patio heaters are great options, there’s no denying that. However, the outdoor fireplace is stylish and allows you to spend quality time with family or friends around a fire. Furthermore, there are now so many designs and styles that you are sure to find a fireplace that’ll fit nicely in your exterior design.

Are you looking for an awning or need help finding the right accessories for your terrace? You can trust our specialists. Auvents Polo is proud to help homeowners build their dream terrace.

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