Terrace Accessories: 4 Essential Items

25 February 2022

As summer approaches, patio owners are starting to leaf through magazines to find terrace accessories. Since the month of June is the month of vacations, many take this time to arrange their outdoor space. This is the ideal time to beautify, furnish, or decorate your patio before you start enjoying the summer.

This is even more important these days since it’s now harder to travel. With the pandemic, it’s important to invest in our living spaces to make them as comfortable as possible.

Auvents Polo has mastered the art of outdoor design and landscaping. We have many solutions to make your backyard your at-home “vacation corner.” Depending on your budget, the dimensions of your patio, and your preferences, you could have a custom awning or an umbrella installed. That way, you will be protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and you can enjoy your patio to the fullest.

Besides awnings, our patio design specialists are always on the lookout for new trends. Here are 4 terrace accessories that will inspire the vacation state of mind on your patio.

1. Terrace accessories: the Infratech electric patio heater

There’s nothing more enjoyable than spending an evening and part of the night outside surrounded by friends or family. Unfortunately, many homeowners pack up their outdoor furniture once September or October arrives, because the evenings are getting cooler.

Who says that summer has to end so soon and your patio has to close? With an electric patio heater, you can extend these evenings into the wee hours of the morning without even having to break out your blankets. An electric patio heater heats your space and lets you extend the summer comfortably.

There are two types of patio heaters: propane and electric. We strongly recommend electric patio heaters, because they require less maintenance, don’t give off any odours or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and are much more economical in terms of energy. They are also smaller and take up less space on a patio.

2. The custom retractable awning

To decorate your patio and enjoy it to the fullest, the retractable awning is an essential terrace accessory. The retractable awning is an awning made of extruded aluminum covered by acrylic fabric. Our canvases are also waterproof, which lets you take advantage of your investment in both good weather and bad.

The advantages

Attached to the wall of your home, the retractable awning:

  • Adds an outdoor living area to your home;
  • Protects you from the sun’s UV rays and the rain;
  • Creates a permanent shaded area in your yard;
  • Offers undeniable added value to your home.

We strongly recommend opting for custom models rather than awnings found at big box stores. The quality of these awnings declines quickly, while a custom awning is a much more lasting solution. In addition, an independent manufacturer will offer you a wide range of colours and patterns for the fabric. You can therefore match your awning to your home more easily than with an awning from Costco with a limited selection of colours.

3. The gazebo

The gazebo is another fairly popular terrace accessory with people who have a rather large outdoor space. It’s ideal for those who have a spa and want to enjoy it with their better half or with friends.

Besides offering protection to a spa, your gazebo can also be used as an outdoor dining or living room. It all depends on the furniture that you choose and what you want to do with the space inside your gazebo. Add mosquito netting or outdoor curtains to protect yourself from insects and prying eyes.

4. Shade sails as terrace accessories

We’ve mentioned umbrellas and awnings, but there’s another solution to enjoy your patio to the fullest. As terrace accessories, shade sails are a modern and attractive solution to protect yourself from the sun.

These sails come in triangular, square, rectangular, or custom shapes and are available in a wide range of colours. Made from acrylic, vinyl, or solar mesh, sails help create shaded areas while remaining elegant. If you have a sandbox for the kids, it will be easy to install a shade sail overhead to keep them in the shade. Different types of anchors are also available.

Where to find these terrace accessories?

Auvents Polo is a real benchmark in terms of patio landscaping. If you’re looking for a custom awning or terrace accessories, don’t hesitate to visit our stores. We’re located in Longueuil, Sainte-Julie, and Candiac.

At our stores, you’ll find:

  • A wide selection of Infratech electric patio heaters;
  • Experts who will be able to find the patio heater suited to your outdoor space;
  • Our custom fixed or retractable awnings;
  • Well-known brands such as Corradi, Suniouvre, Brustor, Bat, Mitjavila, and Bellon, our private label;
  • Canvases to cover your gazebo or space.

Auvents Polo also offers high-quality after-sales service.

If you have any questions about terrace accessories, contact us. We will be pleased to take your call.

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