Patio Heater: Big Box Store or Specialist?

Have you ever considered buying a residential patio heater? Although the summer season has just begun, you can already feel the heat rising. In the day, enjoying the sun and its warmth is easy. It’s the perfect time to break out the umbrellas or sit under a patio awning to enjoy the summer and protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays.

The government has also given its permission for private gatherings in backyards, so you can already entertain family and friends on your patio to take full advantage of the summer. To make the day more enjoyable, why not invite your friends over to your patio for a few cocktails? Then, a little barbecue will complete a great day.

But what about cooler evenings? That’s where a patio heater comes in handy. The more skittish will tend to want to head back to stay warm. If you want to extend your dinners until late into the evening, having a plan to keep your guests comfortable is ideal. There’s no need to break out throws and blankets when your patio is well-equipped.

In addition, a patio heater lets you extend your patio season. While your neighbours will have to lock up their furniture, you will be able to enjoy it until the end of October if you wish.

Auvents Polo has been a specialist in patio heaters and custom awnings for over 45 years now. Find out why buying your patio heater is more beneficial with a specialist than a big box store.

What is a patio heater?

First and foremost, a patio heater is used to heat an outdoor surface. There are many different models out there, such as propane, oil, and electric models. While gas patio heaters effectively heat large surfaces, we highly recommend opting for Infratech electric models. Infratech electric patio heaters:

  • come in several colours, which helps them match the decor of your patio, so you don’t have to sacrifice the aesthetics of your patio for your comfort;
  • will keep you warm for at least 5,000 hours;
  • require very little maintenance, unlike gas and oil models.

Of course, you can pick up a patio heater at a big box store like Costco or Canadian Tire. These stores will even offer to deliver your device to your home from the internet. However, it’s much more beneficial to do business with a specialist. Here’s why.

Big box store or specialist?

Advantages and disadvantages of the big box store

The main advantage of doing business with a big box store is speed. In a few clicks, you can order your device and have it delivered quickly to your home. In addition, big box stores usually offer lower prices than specialists.

Unfortunately, if you have any questions, the customer service representatives aren’t specialists and won’t be able to give you real heating advice. In addition, the after-sales service isn’t necessarily excellent. If you have a problem with your device, it can be difficult and take a long time to replace a part or a device.

Big box stores also don’t do the installation for you. If you choose an electric system, you will therefore have to contact an electrician. Finally, is the device that you are buying at a big box store sufficient or really suitable for your space? With big box stores, you won’t know until you’ve tested it.

Advantages and disadvantages of the specialist

Your patio heater is an investment, just like your furniture or awning, so it’s best not to make a decision lightly.

With the help of a specialist, you will be guided throughout the purchasing process. In addition, where the clerk at a big box store can’t answer your questions, the specialist can. A specialist can give you advice to maximize the use of your patio heater. In addition, the specialist can walk you through the best practices, whether you choose to install your patio heater on the wall or embed it in a ceiling.

Finally, the specialist is connected with a network of seasoned electricians who can install your investment safely.

As for the disadvantages, the purchasing process is a little longer with a specialist. You therefore can’t simply click and choose your product from a website. However, even though there is a delay with the specialist, you will get a better return on your investment.

Why turn to Auvents Polo?

Our company has over 45 years of experience in the field. By relying on our experts, you receive personalized service. Don’t hesitate to request a fast and free quote. One of our experts will come see your patio and make you the best offer to heat your entire space.

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