Choosing a custom awning: the right manufacturer

Know that it’s never too early to choose a custom awning and start planning your patio. Even if spring doesn’t show up for a few months, it pays to start your awning shopping earlier. Especially if you are considering purchasing a fixed patio awning or custom retractable. Custom awnings manufacturers need a few weeks to design your custom-made shelter.

That’s why some customers like to purchase awnings at Costco or Canadian Tire. Unfortunately, a big box store awning is not built to last and may not necessarily fit the dimensions of your outdoor space. So we recommend purchasing a custom-made awning for a durable shelter.

To help you choose the right awning manufacturer, we’ll give you some tips on how to distinguish the right specialists. Check out our comprehensive guide and take advantage of our pro tips to find your awning manufacturer.

Choosing a custom awning starts with the manufacturer

When it’s time to choose your custom awning in Greater Montreal, it can be hard to find the specialist you need. Many choices are available to you, even in the field of custom-made.

So how do you distinguish a good specialist? Here are some key things to help you find the specialist for you.

The expert’s portfolio: proof of quality

A large majority of professional companies own their website. This is a minimum in the technology age to have visibility and allow customers to get information quickly. As a customer, the best way for you to find the right custom awning specialist is to browse their portfolio.

Before buying a home, a buyer will always take the time to look at the photos. The first impression is key and your manufacturer’s portfolio offers you this opportunity.

In addition to a portfolio, you should be able to find information on the number of colours, patterns, fabrics and the different brands offered. Auvents Polo offers more than 500 fabric colours and our experts will help you choose a custom-made awning suitable for your patio.

After-sales service

Besides product quality, after-sales service is another essential element to consider to find the right manufacturer. Before choosing a custom awning and a manufacturer, you should remember your awning is unlikely to be used year-round. Unless of course, you choose a four season awning.

In the majority of cases, patio owners choose 3-season awnings. This means that in September or October, the BBQ and garden furniture start to get put away. Do you have the space to store your awning? A good manufacturer will be able to provide you with many after-sales services.

For example, we offer a storage service in one of the heated, secured and insured premises of our 35,000 square foot factory. If you’re running out of space for your awning, make sure your manufacturer can store your shelter for you. A repair and cleaning service is also an undeniable advantage in the event of breakage or signs of deterioration.

The team and the facilities

To design and manufacture custom awnings, a good manufacturer must have the right space and the right staff. Choosing an awning also means choosing your company. An awning designed and manufactured in a small garage will not be as durable as a shelter made in a factory with certified personnel.

Before choosing your manufacturer, we recommend you do some research. Choose an established company that has been in business for many years. Auvents Polo manufactures quality custom awnings for over 45 years.

To choose a top-quality custom awning, choose Auvents Polo

Auvents Polo is a true leader in the field of custom awnings in Montreal and on the South Shore. Our company is in business since 1974. Our experts are here to help merchants and homeowners find the perfect awning to meet all of their needs.

No matter where you are in Quebec, we can do a quick and free quote.

For any questions regarding our custom awning manufacturing service, contact us. An experienced member of our team will be happy to take your call.

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