Commercial Carport Shelters

Polo shelters are made to last!

Carport shelters are quite useful if you wish to protect a driveway or walkway that runs next to your house. Also, monoslope shelters are quite useful to avoid snow falls on your neighbor’s driveway or lawn. Custom-made and durable, our carport shelters anchored to the wall or self support can be combined to any other shelter.

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  • Maximum width: 12 feet
  • No length limit
  • Assembled tube (1’’ ¼ – 16Ga) structure
  • Height adjusted to any size vehicles
  • Wall anchors: Cement, wood, concrete, rock wall and others
  • Ground anchors: all ground types

Fabric Choices

  • Regular clear fabric (winter only) made with Canadian polyethylene
  • 4 seasons Canadian polyethylene fabric
  • 4 seasons vinyl fabric
  • Fire retardant fabric
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