Winter Shelter Maintenance: 4 Tips to Remember

25 February 2022

Winter shelter maintenance is crucial to preserve your carport as long as possible. Your shelters save you from a great deal of trouble and hardship in the winter, so it’s important to maintain them. Otherwise, you will have to shovel, and shovelling isn’t without risk.

This is also why carports quickly fly off the shelves in big box stores. Likewise, they disappear just as quickly from driveways. Mass-produced shelters, such as those sold at Costco or Canadian Tire, aren’t very durable compared to custom carports. They only last one or two winters before reaching the end of their life.

Before even thinking about winter shelter maintenance, start by shopping for a quality carport. A custom carport will generally be stronger and more durable than shelters from big box stores.

To preserve your carport as long as possible, here are 4 excellent tips to remember from our winter shelter experts.


Winter shelter maintenance: what to do during the winter?

  1. Periodically conduct a complete inspection

The first rule of winter shelter maintenance is to make sure to periodically conduct a complete inspection. Once your winter shelter is set up, regularly check its strength to avoid the risk of a collapse. A collapse can cause property damage, but it’s also a risk for you. If the shelter collapses while you’re inside it, you could be injured or worse.

Here is how to proceed to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.

  • Start by checking the tautness of the canvas. Make sure that there are no weak areas, because the wind that comes into the shelter could weaken it further and increase the chances of a collapse.
  • Check the strength of the nuts and anchors as well. Your shelter must be firmly anchored to the ground, and your nuts must be as tight as possible.
  • Look for holes, tears, or any other sign of deterioration in your shelter, on the canvas as well as on the posts and side bars.

If you notice any holes or tears, don’t hesitate to contact an awning and shelter specialist. Auvents Polo offers canvas repair service at its 35,000-square-foot workshop.

  1. Winter shelter maintenance: our tips for winter

Besides periodic inspections, we strongly recommend clearing off your winter shelter after each snowfall. Winter weather in Quebec is fickle: one day, there’s snow, and the next, it’s freezing rain. The weight of snow is one of the main causes of carport collapse. To avoid an expensive problem or a tragedy, it’s best to prevent snow from accumulating on the shelter.

In addition, make sure to check the weather forecast. In case of strong winds, close the two doors at the ends of your shelter. This allows you to prevent damage caused by the wind.


Winter shelter maintenance at the end of winter

  1. Cleaning the shelter

Cleaning the shelter is crucial at the end of winter. This is an integral part of winter shelter maintenance. Here are the steps to clean your shelter properly.

  • Choose a mild day to clean your shelter. Start by removing any debris on the canvas (branches, dead leaves, ice, etc.).
  • Then, clean the canvas with a medium water jet to avoid damaging the canvas.
  • If the spiders that wake up in the spring have already started weaving their webs in your shelter, remove these as well.
  • Then, let your canvas dry until there is no moisture left.

Auvents Polo will also take care of the cleaning of your canvas for you, if you wish. When you entrust your canvas to us, we look for holes, tears, and cuts. If we notice any deterioration, our specialist will give you an estimate. Rest assured: this work will only begin with your approval.

  1. Before storing your shelter

Storage is inevitable, but before doing so, here’s what you have to do.

  • Conduct a final inspection of your shelter before taking it apart (holes, tears, cuts, signs of deterioration, damaged posts, etc.);
  • Clean your canvas or entrust this to professionals;
  • Take the shelter apart and put the parts, posts, and anchors back in the original box to secure them properly;
  • Make sure that the canvas is completely dry, or else you might have unpleasant surprises in the fall, such as mould, insects, or foul odours;
  • Find a dry location to store it.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact Auvents Polo. We offer a storage service at our workshop in one of our heated, dry, and insured units dedicated to storage.


Trust Auvents Polo for your carport

Auvents Polo has over 45 years of experience in the field of custom awnings and shelters. We offer nothing less than excellence, whether it’s with respect to our services or our products. Our team of specialists is proud to offer you a full range of services for awnings and carports.

We also offer a wide range of accessories and cleaning products for your winter shelter maintenance.

To take advantage of our storage service or for additional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. An experienced member of the Auvents Polo team will be pleased to take your call and answer all your questions.

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